The One About Where The Old Blog Went

An ice cream cone lies on its side on the ground, the ice cream portion beginning to melt away.
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Ok, so archivism, file systems, backing up, none of these things are my strong suit.

I’m more of the, like, re-develop every course you ever teach entirely from scratch every semester because the idea of revisiting your own notes makes you want to die kind of gal.

It’s not ideal, but we make do.


One of the things I have always found the most difficult about maintaining my own blog space is the part where you have to maintain it. Like, once a year, or something. You have to renew the frigging thing! Seems fake.

It’s been a rough year for me, and among the many things I let slide was checking the email address that those renewal reminders went to. And so, and both expired, joining the once beloved on the scrapheap of my internet history. And like all my domains before them, they were snapped up within a few weeks of expiration, and now there’s stuff on them that isn’t mine.

Ah well.

I actually do have backups of those sites, and one day I hope to getting around to restoring them. But for now it’s a fresh start — and calendar reminders for renewal dates, too!

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